My first event!


My first event!

Hey! Today’s post is really short, but I want to share my brand new experience! A week ago I was invited to a shoe store Deichmann spring collection event that happened on Thursday. I was so excited to go there! Funny, but it was shorter than I expected. The event started in the evening, it was in a local place called ‘Textale’. At first, it was a little bit awkward, because I’m not that super known blogger or instagramer, but it was a really big honor to be there. Later I met a lot of beautiful and friendly bloggers and vloggers and it was really fun! There were some speeches about the new collection, a short performance of Lithuanian singer Cherry and dancers who wore sneakers from a new collection. Continue reading “My first event!”

Spring/Summer wishlist​


Spring/Summer wishlist

Not to turn this into a recipe blog, I decided to write a post about spring/summer fashion. I’m not that kind of person who knows everything about fashion, follows every detail of the fashion world or buys every single trendy item. No, I’m actually far far away from that, but I follow some of the fashion bloggers and models who show that and they motivate me to look up some fashionable stuff and be more trendy. This spring I have already ordered some items, but I’m gonna talk about them a little later, so for now, I’m going to show you my small wish list for this spring/summer season. Continue reading “Spring/Summer wishlist​”

Little Princess Birthday / DIY


Little Princess Birthday / DIY

Hey! I hope you’re all doing fine. My sister’s daughter is turning 3 next week and I was thinking what I should give her as a birthday present. Now is a time period when she really likes fashion. She really likes everything girly especially dresses, so I decided to create her a small handbag to match her dresses. That handbag is really cool. How do I know? Pff, because I made one for myself earlier! And I really love it! Continue reading “Little Princess Birthday / DIY”