New makeup app!

I’m back with another new thing in the makeup world! It’s not a secret that I’m collaborating with Artistry by Amway from time to time. This is a brand of skin care and cosmetic products based in the United States. I use some of their products almost every day and I’m pretty happy! So, today I’m going to introduce you a new app, which was just launched by Artistry! The app called – Artistry virtual beauty app. You can find it on the App Store and Google Play market and download it completely free. So, let’s jump into the review! Continue reading “New makeup app!”

Skincare with Pixie


Skincare with Pixie

Hey! How is your spring going? Today I’m going to talk about skin care products, which is one of the most important topics in spring! Recently I received a package from Pixie by Petra. It’s skincare and makeup brand based in the UK, but the products are made in the USA. I have never tried anything from this brand’s products before, but I heard a lot from other bloggers and I was really curious to give it a try! They sent me a big package with skin care products and the main purpose of this set is to relax and give yourself some “me time”. In the set, there was 5 different type of masks and a face towel. I have dry and irritated skin and I always need to take good care of it, so I was really happy when I saw that they sent me skin care products. I’ve been using these products for about three weeks now and I think I’m ready to share my opinion with you. So let’s jump into a review! Continue reading “Skincare with Pixie”

Artistry makeup review!


Artistry makeup review!

Hey! Long time no see! I hope everyone had a good start of new year. So, where I was all this time? If you follow me on Instagram (I’m more active there) you probably noticed where I was. I had to finish my all tasks for collage finals, I participated in Lithuanian Instagram takeover project ( and a lot of other stuff happened. I was so busy that all I wanted right after I finished all my work was to go to my bed and sleep for days. That’s why I took so long to get back here. My finals went quite well and now I have a little break from all the college things, so right now I’m fully focused on my Instagram and blog content. Oh gosh, there is so much to write about! Continue reading “Artistry makeup review!”

Christmas gift ideas using Pintor


Christmas gift ideas using Pintor

Hello! Who’s exited about the upcoming Christmas?! I just can’t stop listening all the Christmas playlists. Everything is getting more and more beautiful in the city. So, this week I started thinking about the gifts for my relatives. I thought that it would be nice to do gifts with my own hands! Thankfully, this year some good Santa’s helpers contacted me and sent me a kit which is so incredible and helped me so much making these gifts! Continue reading “Christmas gift ideas using Pintor”

SNP Animal otter aqua mask review


SNP Animal otter aqua mask review

Hellooo, how was your Halloween? This year I decided to take some time for myself and have a quiet and cozy Halloween evening. I bought a pumpkin for carving and some snacks for the movie. Also, I bought my first face sheet mask. I saw it and couldn’t walk away from it without buying! So, today’s post is going to be a little review of it. Continue reading “SNP Animal otter aqua mask review”

Little bit about myself.


My Sketchy blog

Oh boy, it’s my first blog post!

My name is Miglė and welcome to my little sketchy blog! 

Why sketchy? because this is my first time trying to create a blog and I know that there are going to be mistakes or imperfections. This is a big opportunity for me to try myself in something new. It’s like a challenge for me, so I will try my best to interest you. In this blog I will share my own opinion about lifestyle, cooking, diy, makeup/fashion and other things that are interesting for me and ofc Most of the girls! 

Continue reading “Little bit about myself.”