My autumn movies


My autumn movies

Blogtober #6

Hey! I hope you’re all doing fine! So, there is no surprise that blogtober kicked my ass! I had so much work and so little time that I couldn’t write and I guess I failed it. Well, who doesn’t make mistakes? My biggest issue was that I didn’t organize my time right, anyways I had fun time reading other bloggers blogtober posts and writing my own, this was pretty nice experience for me as a beginner. So this is the last post of my blogtober this year. Continue reading “My autumn movies”

Unicorn Halloween look! / DIY

coverblogunicorn-20Unicorn Halloween look! / DIY

Blogtober #4

 Hi! Let’s talk about Halloween! So, as I mentioned earlier, my country doesn’t acknowledge Halloween as a real celebration, but some people celebrate it. I really love the whole idea of Halloween, that you can dress up and look as you wish that night, so I decided to share one of my previous Halloween looks, which was probably my best one.  Continue reading “Unicorn Halloween look! / DIY”

Beating up the cold / Recipes


Beating up the cold / Recipes

Blogtober  #3

Hi! Today is a bit cold day and I think that I caught a cold yesterday, so I decided that it’s the right time to make myself some hot drinks to protect from illnesses. Also, I thought that I’m probably not the only one right now who is fighting with a cold and it would be a great idea to share these recipes on my blog. You can also make yourself these drinks if you aren’t sick, because it is very delicious and should keep you warm on cold autumn days like this. Continue reading “Beating up the cold / Recipes”

It’s my first Blogtober!

19post-19It’s my first Blogtober!

Hello! It’s finally spooky season again. I’m a little bit excited, because this is my first Blogtober! Honestly I have no idea how to do it! This is really new for me. But I will try to do my best. I will try to post as much as possible, but I’m studying at the moment and I don’t have a lot of free time, so it would be a challenge for me to do all the 30 posts! So, I decided that instead of posting every single day, I will post around 9-10  posts this month.

Continue reading “It’s my first Blogtober!”