New makeup app!

I’m back with another new thing in the makeup world! It’s not a secret that I’m collaborating with Artistry by Amway from time to time. This is a brand of skin care and cosmetic products based in the United States. I use some of their products almost every day and I’m pretty happy! So, today I’m going to introduce you a new app, which was just launched by Artistry! The app called – Artistry virtual beauty app. You can find it on the App Store and Google Play market and download it completely free. So, let’s jump into the review!

This app has two main functions – You can try makeup products on your face just like with the Instagram face filters and you can do a skin test to find out about your skin problems and etc. So, let’s start with the fun part – face filters! Nowadays face filters on Snapchat or Instagram are really popular and there probably are very few people who haven’t tried them yet or don’t know what it is. An online beauty store where you can virtually see yourself with the products sounds like a lot of fun, you can also see what colors suit you and which ones don’t and you don’t even need to move from your couch. Doesn’t that sound cool?ffg-21Another feature – face skin test! Everything is really easy, you just need to stay still without makeup while the app is analyzing your face skin. It took it just a few seconds to show the map of my face. It shows the skin age, skin health, and a percentage of spots, wrinkles, texture and dark circles. Then the app will ask you a few questions and create a special summary of your skin. Also, you can find a column with the recommended products for your skin type from Artistry. I was really pessimistic about the skin test because how your skin looks in the front camera really depends on the lightning and etc. However my test results came out to be quite right, the most shocking thing is that the test determined my age completely right.

If I made you curious about this app I will leave the links to it here: iOs, Android.

And of course I will leave here my three favorite products from artistry:

  • Liquid lipstick from Parisian Style Edition, color – Notre dame nude! The color is just perfect and I really like the applicator!
  • Another product which I use almost every day – On-The-Go palette from Nyc edition, color Liberty light. Very comfortable palette, you can find my review of it here.
  • The third product is Exact fit concealer, you can also find my review here!

I hope these news will be helpful for some of you and you will have fun trying on makeup in a new way. Thank you for reading!


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