My first event!


My first event!

Hey! Today’s post is really short, but I want to share my brand new experience! A week ago I was invited to a shoe store Deichmann spring collection event that happened on Thursday. I was so excited to go there! Funny, but it was shorter than I expected. The event started in the evening, it was in a local place called ‘Textale’. At first, it was a little bit awkward, because I’m not that super known blogger or instagramer, but it was a really big honor to be there. Later I met a lot of beautiful and friendly bloggers and vloggers and it was really fun! There were some speeches about the new collection, a short performance of Lithuanian singer Cherry and dancers who wore sneakers from a new collection.


Ugly, massive or dad sneakers, call it how you want and classic colorful sandals, heels, especially with the platforms will be trendy this season. Don’t forget animal prints and neon colors! Here I added some shoes from their shop that I liked the most:
ig2SITOIESKAI-13 Press to see them in the store: Rose gold Fila sneakers, Heeled sandals, Puma sneakers,  White Fila sneakers. 

Also, this spring Deichmann has a collaboration with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, which was really big for the brand. Here are some of the bags from this collection that I liked:ig2SITOIESKAI-14


Press to see them in the store: Camouflage K+K backpack, Mini K+K backpack.

Please note that if you are from a different country you may see different colors/models of the shoes than in my country! That’s sad because some things look better in other colors, but I can’t buy them because they aren’t in my country’s website.

All in all, I want to say a Big thanks for the Deichmann Lithuania team for the invitation! I had a great time, I hope this was not the last event I’m going to attend. Please, leave a comment down below what are you thinking about this season shoe trends!





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