Spring/Summer wishlist​


Spring/Summer wishlist

Not to turn this into a recipe blog, I decided to write a post about spring/summer fashion. I’m not that kind of person who knows everything about fashion, follows every detail of the fashion world or buys every single trendy item. No, I’m actually far far away from that, but I follow some of the fashion bloggers and models who show that and they motivate me to look up some fashionable stuff and be more trendy. This spring I have already ordered some items, but I’m gonna talk about them a little later, so for now, I’m going to show you my small wish list for this spring/summer season.

For those who didn’t know it already, I’m obsessed with nails, so this topic is one of my favorites! I found some gorgeous nails design ideas and I can’t decide which one of those I will paint on my nails first! Probably one of my favorite details this season is neon colors. Just simple solid neon color nails look so pretty and remind me of my childhood because I had one favorite nail polish which was neon yellow color.


Golden earrings!
I found some of these on the Pinterest and I really loved them, the problem is that I don’t usually wear massive earrings like these, so I searched for more minimal ones and I found these ones (shown in the second picture)! I would love to have them, but I didn’t find where to buy it yet, so if you saw something similar online I would be really thankful if you share a link in a comment section.


Ugly sneakers!
When I first saw this kind of shoes I thought ‘Omg, so ugly, I would never buy something like that’ and, yeah, time passes and now I crave a pair of these beauties. They are actually pretty ugly and massive, but they look really good with a lot of outfits. I ordered white ones already, I hope they will fit me as beautiful as they look in the online store’s pictures. Also, I’m thinking of white high converse shoes, because they will always look good with almost any outfit.


Shell jewelry
Three words – I love it! Also, already ordered a bracelet and a necklace for the summer!


Bags Bags Bags!
My last season passion was straw bags and other boho, natural looking bags. I showed how to DIY one of these bags, so if you haven’t seen it already click here! This year I ordered a handmade straw bag from Bali. I can’t wait to get it! Also, talking about other bags, I would love to have a dark colored bag (probably black) with chain details, but I haven’t found a perfect one yet.


Lightweight material dresses and sunny days, yes, please! I found some of these on the internet, but I will probably look for some in my local boutiques or second-hand shops. It’s cheaper and you can always find something different and unique. Last year I probably looked through all the shops in the mall for a denim dress and the perfect one I found was from the second-hand shop near my house. It cost me about 3-4 and it was a completely new dress with the labels!


Crazy socks
Yesterday I saw some pictures on Instagram with the see-through ankle socks and I immediately knew that I need them too. They look cool! But later I thought that it is pretty funny because I don’t even know what I would match with them. So, I found and bought some longer socks with cute patches. They should look great with sneakers!


Omg, I love these jumpsuits, they look really goood. I would love to have at least one for the hot weather season. Imagine how good would they look with that straw bag and shell jewelry!


I have more ideas on my wish list this season, but I think that’s probably it for this post, maybe I will write another one later. I hope someone will catch some new ideas from my list. If you liked this post please, press the like button! Also, please leave a comment on what is your favorite thing from my list or recommend me something from yours!


9 thoughts on “Spring/Summer wishlist​

  1. These are great ideas. My mum loves chucky trainers like that during this time of year! They’re so versatile. I used to love she’ll jewellery so I’m glad to see it’s making a come back, and you can never go wrong with crazy socks!

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