Let’s talk about Valentine’s day!


Let’s talk about Valentine’s day!

Hi! It’s almost Valentine’s day! Do you have your Valentine already?
Let’s talk about this mini celebration, which actually is kinda big for me because it’s our anniversary with my boyfriend. This year we’re going to celebrate 5 years together! So, in this post, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on Valentine’s day activities and also write an idea of how to surprise someone with a little gift on this day!

Valentine’s day for me is all about the person I love. I was thinking a lot about what I would recommend doing on Valentine’s day and I couldn’t come up with something original. Then I realized it’s not all about the activities, it’s all about the person you are with. I could tell a little story about how my boyfriend and I a few years ago went to a movie on Valentine’s day. We decided to go to a local movie theater, but all of the tickets were sold out already. We were in shock. So, we got back in the car to think about what we could do instead of going to a movie. And guess what, we ended up just talking and laughing in the car the whole time. We didn’t need any movie or any other activity, because we had each other. As I remember it was a really good evening and I wouldn’t change anything. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s important with who you are. Besides that, you can always think of the activities where you could communicate with each other, for example, dinner for two, or even better find a special recipe that you haven’t tried but always wanted to and cook the dinner together. Cooking together can bring so much fun! Also, what about the movie night without leaving a house? Have you ever played a movie theater when you were a child? Do it again! Make comfortable seats, some homemade popcorn or other snacks, pick your favorite movies and here you go – a cozy evening together!


Another thing I wanted to share with you is a simple recipe! It’s kinda classic romantic thing, but I thought I could remind it because it is really a brilliant idea. I’m talking about strawberries dipped in chocolate! For me, Valentine’s day is associated with strawberries and red color in general. Maybe, because in our country we don’t have strawberries in the winter and probably all of the shops have them in February, before this celebration. So, this little beautiful surprise won’t cost you a lot of money, will look amazing and also will be hand made with love what is the most important. For this surprise you will need :

  • Chocolate! (Choose whatever kind of chocolate you want! I made them with white and milk chocolate)
  • Sprinkles
  • Food coloring (If you’re using white chocolate)
  • And of course strawberries!

For the first step you will need two bowls, one should be smaller than another. Break your chocolate in pieces and put them in a smaller bowl. Pour some boiled water in the bigger bowl. Put a smaller bowl with the chocolate in the bigger bowl and leave for a few minutes to melt. If you want to add some color to your chocolate, add few drops of food coloring when the chocolate is melted and mix everything well. Prepare the strawberries, make sure they are dry! When the chocolate is completely melted, take off the smaller bowl. Hold the strawberry by the leaflets and dip it in chocolate. When the strawberries are covered enough put them one by one on a plate with a butter paper. If you want to do a decoration with some sprinkles, add them when the chocolate on a strawberry is still not hardened. When all of the berries are covered, take the plate and leave it in a fridge for about 15 minutes. You’re almost done! Take off the strawberries and pack them how you like it! I placed the strawberries in a separate small paper form and put them in a nice black box as you can see in a picture!


It was nice to share some of my thoughts with you once again! I wish everyone a beautiful and full of love Valentine’s day! Thank you for reading!


6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Valentine’s day!

  1. Oh wow! These chocolates look very delicious. You are absolutely right about spending time with each other. It is not important what you do on Valentine’s Day. I would love to stay home and watch Netflix together and eat at home. The idea is to be comfortable with each other and spending time together. Have a great day my dear. 🙂

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

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