Artistry makeup review!


Artistry makeup review!

Hey! Long time no see! I hope everyone had a good start of new year. So, where I was all this time? If you follow me on Instagram (I’m more active there) you probably noticed where I was. I had to finish my all tasks for collage finals, I participated in Lithuanian Instagram takeover project ( and a lot of other stuff happened. I was so busy that all I wanted right after I finished all my work was to go to my bed and sleep for days. That’s why I took so long to get back here. My finals went quite well and now I have a little break from all the college things, so right now I’m fully focused on my Instagram and blog content. Oh gosh, there is so much to write about!

Today I’m going to introduce you to some makeup products from Artistry (Amway). I heard a little bit about this brand from another Lithuanian bloggers, but I have never tried anything from them. Fortunately some of the products just landed into my arms and I was so excited to try something new, so let’s jump into the review!

Longwearing foundation Artistry Exact Fit

The foundation is just as the description says – hides imperfections and the most important thing – it actually stays for a long time. This foundation comes in 9 different shades. I chose the lightest one (bisque L1N1), because I have snow white skin, especially in the winter. It fits well, great light color without any orange tones! Speaking about consistency, I would say it is between liquid and creamy, which I actually like. This product is designed for all skin types, is fragrance and oil free and also doesn’t clog pores! I would recommend it for girls with normal or oily skin, because my skin is very dry and sometimes the foundation dries too quickly and it’s hard to blend it. Also, I recommend to apply this foundation on a clear skin, because when I tried to apply it after I used moisturizing face cream, there was some kind of reaction and the result was not so good.  For the coverage I would give 9/10. Usually I choose bb creams or lightweight foundations for casual usage, so I would prefer this foundation for evening or any other occasional makeups.

You can find this foundation here!


Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Concealer

This concealer is really lightweight, gives a really natural coverage. I chose the lightest as well. I could say that this one is great for reducing the dark circles on the tired under-eyes. The concealer also stays a long time just like the foundation, so it’s a great match. Oh, what I was really surprised about is that this concealer has a little mirror on its packaging, so you can carry it without any additional mirrors. What an amazing idea!

You can find this concealer here!



Artistry Studio NYC edition On-The-Go palette (liberty light)

I love testing new blushes, bronzers and compact powders, so I was really excited to try this palette! It’s a really good choice if you travel a lot, because it has all you need in just one compact packaging. Inside you will find – three eye shadows, blush, highlighter, face powder and a mirror. I rarely use eye shadows, but these colors of shadows are so natural that I decided to try using them not only for my eyes. Color #3 I tried to use for face conturing, but it was too dark on my fair skin, so I blended it with another clean brush and it was all good! Color #2 I used as a highlighter and it was pretty good too, if you add just the right amount of it. My favorite is #6 – a highlighter. It is perfect for light skin and shines really nice! All of them have a nice pigmentation, blend well and stay for a long time!

You can find this palette here!


This is a makeup look using all of these products!


All in all, I’m satisfied with these products and I would love to try some more products from Artistry. Also, let me know in the comments have you ever heard something about this brand or maybe you have tried some of their products? Please share your opinion with me! Thanks for reading and see you soon! 


17 thoughts on “Artistry makeup review!

  1. I haven’t tried Artistry products before. The products look amazing on your skin. I love the colours of the palette, I’ll definitely be giving their products a try xxx


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  2. Artistry has a GREAT mascara 3in1 Lash booster! Highly recommend!
    I feel like I’m wearing falsies each time I wear it!

    Ask whomever you got the product from if they can help you purchase the mascara!

    Liked by 1 person

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