Christmas Gift ideas

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Christmas Gift ideas

Hey! So, Christmas is almost there and I thought I could share some of my favorite products for gifts with you! I know how hard is to find gifts for everyone, especially when you want them to be special and that the person who will get the present will be happy and won’t throw them away after the holidays. So, as you already saw, my first post about gifts was on how to create them by yourself ( if you haven’t seen it yet click here), but if you are that type of person who rather buys gifts, you’re welcome! 

1. This year I explored a brand called Ideal of Sweden and I’m so happy about it. This brand has a ton of gorgeous accessories for phones. When I ordered my first case I wasn’t expecting that high quality, because usually plastic covers are very cheap looking. The quality of these cases is very good, they even have fabric on the inside. Now I have a few of them and I’m super happy. I recommend these cases as a gift for those who like classy, luxury, high quality long lasting things. Also, I fell in love with almost all of the prints, the variety of them is very big, so you can even get stuck by picking just one! 

Little surprise! I have a discount code for you, if you are going to buy a gift from them. 20% off your purchase with code – ID20-KK790. (Expires November 6th 2019)

Link to a shop :


2.  Another thing that unexpectedly landed in my arms is Cloudberry planner. And ohh boy, I fell in love with it. I really love planners, I bought myself one last year and I couldn’t leave home without it. I know it’s 21 century and we all have smartphones where we can have planners and various apps with the same function, but trust me, a beautiful notebook where you can write by your own hand is not the same. Also, what I liked about Cloudberry notebooks is the inside of them. You could find lovely watercolor illustrations before every month, beautiful design on every page and if you flip it to the other side, there is a part for your year goals and visions. I chose the Pearl Pink Limited edition planner, but you can find some different styles and colors of them. Also, couldn’t not mention that the planners came in two layers of packaging, first one was a lovely pastel fabric bag with a ribbon and inside there was a nice pink box where the planner was, so you won’t need to think how to pack it, because the packaging is already stunning. And as a graphic designer, I could say that packaging is one of the most important things! So, I’m truly happy about this planner and I really recommend it as a gift for your mother, a creative friend or even for yourself!

Link to a shop:



3. Let’s move on to the next idea – a digital portrait! This kind of gifts are getting more and more popular. It’s also a good idea if you don’t have a gift, but you need it quick. Usually to make a digital portrait takes about three days, but you can always find a compromise by writing a message to a designer. So you can gift a portrait digitally or you can print it and frame it. The designers you can find on the . I can draw these illustrations too, so I will leave my link if you are interested in this type of gift, maybe you will like my style. 

Link to my Fiverr:

Also, I made a collage with some other gift ideas that doesn’t really need to be written about. All the links to these gifts you can find under this photo! 


4. Laptop case 39,78€ ( 33% discount till December 27th 2018 with code – SLICKXMSB)

5. Selfie lightning. Type “LED selfie ring” in 

6. Happy Plug earbud plus 29,99€ ( 20% discount till January 19th 2019 with code – HPMSB)

7. Lovely mug 16,64€

8. Funny socks set 29,95€

9. Matte lipstick (Ruby woo) 19.50€  

10. Mockberg watch Alicia 149,43€

11. Metal bottle 30,94€

12. Tangle teezer brush 12,95€

13. Leather backpack 111€ (sale)

14. Ballpoint Pen

15. Instax mini 9 approx. 55€

So this is it, I hope I inspired someone with these ideas! Let me know which of these ideas you liked the most and also share some of your gift ideas in the comments! Wish you a great gift shopping and Happy holidays!


15 thoughts on “Christmas Gift ideas

  1. Really great list! I do love a beautiful planner. The laptop case is so pretty, but I’m an android girl and have the Google Pixelbook😊. I’m pretty much obsessed with bottles and mugs, I don’t know what it is about finding a cool mug or water bottle.

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    1. Same! I could probably say, that I have a collection of bottles. Everytime I find a beautiful one, I can’t stop myself from buying it. Atleast, I drink more water when I have my favorite bottle with me. 😁

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  2. Glad you enjoyed some of the products from Ideal of Sweden! It’s nice to see some high-quality products, especially with how expensive phones are getting these days. I really like how your planner looks. The cover looks very rich. Love these gift ideas!

    Nancy ♥

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