Christmas gift ideas using Pintor


Christmas gift ideas using Pintor

Hello! Who’s exited about the upcoming Christmas?! I just can’t stop listening all the Christmas playlists. Everything is getting more and more beautiful in the city. So, this week I started thinking about the gifts for my relatives. I thought that it would be nice to do gifts with my own hands! Thankfully, this year some good Santa’s helpers contacted me and sent me a kit which is so incredible and helped me so much making these gifts!

Little bit about Pintors!

Let me introduce you to Pintor by Pilot! These are markers that can write on almost all materials, you can choose them from 24 variation of super bright and beautiful colors and two tip sizes. Pintors are the ultimate DIY-pens, it’s super easy to create something beautiful and unique with them! If you are going to use Pintor markers, there is a table where you can check how to fix the paint on a certain materials for the best results!



Probably one of the most popular gifts for Christmas is cups! I know it’s not super original gift idea, but you can make it very unique and personalized. So, the idea is to create a print or drawing on things you want to give as presents. It could probably be anything, for example – clothes, photo frames, shoes and much much more. So I decided to do a cup for my mom. Also, I took my little niece to help me and she really enjoyed painting on everything. You know, the best thing about Pintor markers is that if you make a mistake, it’s really easy to remove it and repaint the drawing, because in the end of the process you need to secure the drawing by varnishing it or by putting your cup to the oven. It depends on the material that you use. I created few more prints to inspire some of you. Feel free to use them!





Another gift is very small, but made with a lot of love! I really like to bake cookies for Christmas and I’m pretty sure that a lot of you do it too. So, I decided to show one cute packaging idea for cookies. Usually I bake big cookies, about size of a palm, so I though that it could be really lovely gifts for friends which I want to surprise. For this package you will need transparent bags, the amount depends on how many cookies you want to pack. But remember, one bag is for one cookie! Also, you will need few buttons, some ribbon, glue, markers and of corse cookies. Everything is very simple. Put cookies to the bags and bind a beautiful bows on top of them. In the front draw eyes, smile and face line. Leave some space for the cheeks, because they will be made with buttons! Just glue buttons on and that’s it – you have a small and very cute hand made gift. Also, to make sure that the marker won’t come off I sprayed some varnish.


Phone case!

Another decoration idea is also similar to the first one. Since we all have smart phones these days, phone accessories became a popular gifts too. I decided to decorate a phone case for my friend. I drew few polar bear faces. Also, I thought that some googly eyes would make a case more original. You can also draw penguins, elfs or even a friend’s faces. It would look really nice too!



This is not a gift idea, but I thought that nail art lovers would love to hear this idea! I did my nails and I wanted to draw some patterns on them, but I didn’t had a lot of gel nail polish colors, so I thought that I could experiment with markers! And it worked! It’s insane that you can use markers not only for crafts, but for your nail art too. So, if you are a big nail art lover or you have a friend who loves it, listen up! Everything is very simple, I painted my nails with solid colors. If you noticed I matched the colors as Pintor pastel markers! I finished my nails with top coat and then I used markers to draw dots. I used metal color 2,9mm markers. I left them to dry and applied another top coat and dried with uv lamp. I do my nails with gel polish, but I’m sure it works on the ordinary nail polish too. Just be careful and leave markers to dry, don’t rush, because you can ruin your drawings with nail polish brush. Isn’t this a great idea?


As you can see, you can do a lot with markers which can draw on almost any material. All in all, I think that person who would get a gift with a custom made personal drawing would be more happy and surprised than the one who got the same thing made in fabric, because you need to put your time and heart in the drawing and that means you care about the person and you thought about them while crafting these gifts. I hope I inspired someone with these ideas. Let me know in the comments which one of these ideas is your favorite? Also, I would love to hear your ideas of using markers for gift making and such!

P.S. BIG Thanks to Pilot for giving me this opportunity!


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