My autumn movies


My autumn movies

Blogtober #6

Hey! I hope you’re all doing fine! So, there is no surprise that blogtober kicked my ass! I had so much work and so little time that I couldn’t write and I guess I failed it. Well, who doesn’t make mistakes? My biggest issue was that I didn’t organize my time right, anyways I had fun time reading other bloggers blogtober posts and writing my own, this was pretty nice experience for me as a beginner. So this is the last post of my blogtober this year.

I’m a big lover of movies and I think that a lot of you are too, so today I’m going to share my favorite autumn movies! Last weekend I had made a little movie marathon for myself, so I decided to share some of them and some other movies that I liked this autumn! 

Henry Selick “Nightmare Before Christmas” 1993

Probably everyone knows this one. I knew about this film almost my entire life, but I just watched it recently and I was a little bit disappointed of myself that I had waited so long to watch it.


Tim Burton “Corpse bride” 2005

I really like Tim Burton films, so this one is just amazing! And “Corpse Bride” is another beautiful film for the Autumn movie marathon. 


Tim Burton “Frankenweenie” 2012

It might look that I just started from childish animation movies, but trust me it will be interesting for adults too. This one is a little bit heartbreaking if you ever had a pet. Also, the animation and characters are really spooky and cute at the same time.


Alfred Hitchcock “Birds” 1963

This movie was created as a horror genre, but now it’s a little bit funny. I really liked it, so I recommend it to watch, especially during this halloween season.


Bradley Cooper “A Star Is Born” 2018

This one is new in the theaters, but I know that a lot of people are loving it already! So, if you haven’t watched it yet, I really recommend you to do so, just for the lady gaga part. She was amazing! Also, speaking about this movie, two Lithuanian singers made stunning cover of the main movie song, which I really recommend you to watch. Here!


Ian Samuels “Sierra burgess is a loser” (Netflix) 2018

I liked it because this one’s history is pretty original. If you’re going to watch it, I recommend you to not watch the trailer, because it will spoil the movie a little bit. I wish someone said that to me before I watched the film. 


Ol Parker “Mamma mia! Here we go again” 2018

This is the second part of the “Mamma mia!” film. If you like films with a lot of good songs, actors and beautiful montage of nature you will definitely like it! And if you have an opportunity to watch it on big screen or in the movie theater you should go for it, because good quality is a must for it.


So, that’s it for this months movie list. I have some other movies that are on my watch list this month and I can’t wait to watch it. As I said I’m a big movie lover, so I would appreciate a lot if you could share some of your favorites movies at the moment in the comments! Also, leave a comment down below if you had ever watched one of these!


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