Unicorn Halloween look! / DIY

coverblogunicorn-20Unicorn Halloween look! / DIY

Blogtober #4

 Hi! Let’s talk about Halloween! So, as I mentioned earlier, my country doesn’t acknowledge Halloween as a real celebration, but some people celebrate it. I really love the whole idea of Halloween, that you can dress up and look as you wish that night, so I decided to share one of my previous Halloween looks, which was probably my best one. 

One Halloween I was invited to the party and I had no idea who I wanted to be. I was thinking a lot, what to wear, what makeup look should I do and so on. Few days before the party I decided to be a unicorn. That sounds funny, because on the Halloween everyone wants to look as scary as possible and the unicorns aren’t scary at all. I wanted to look a little bit different and don’t be a skeleton, lady cat or vampire, as everyone dresses up on every Halloween.

First I made myself a headband with unicorn horn and ears. It’s easy to make it and it won’t cost a lot. For this headband you will need: 

  • A headband (I recommend you to use white or other not bright color)
  • One pack of polymer clay (I used Fimo, 56g also white)
  • One sheet of felt (also used white color)
  • Some fabric 
  • Needle and thread 
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue (or any other glue to stick the fabric with the headband)

I drew these steps, because I didn’t wanted to make this headband again. First of all, you will need to model a unicorn horn. It is super easy to make. Make two oval strips from clay, then twist it together and roll it with your palm. Don’t forget that the horn should be narrowing. Don’t be upset if you won’t succeed on the first try. Modeling clay is like a plasticine, you can use it as long as you wish until it’s not baked. When you have the right horn, follow instructions on your clay packaging and bake it. 

While the horn is baking, make a pair of ears. Take your felt and bend it in a half. Starting from the bent side draw two identical ears, then cut them out and glue them to the headband, like I show on the drawing. 



Take your fabric and cut a lot of different size flowers. My flowers sizes were about 2-5cm. When You have enough of flowers, put them in groups of 4-6 pcs., line them up from the smallest to the biggest ones and sew it thru the centre. I have 13 sewn flowers (4-6 pcs. each) on my headband. 



When you have all the parts, start putting them in the right places. Glue the horn and all the flowers. And thats it!


For the outfit I chose white tunica and ripped jeans. I wanted to wear a dress, but the party was in a basement, so it would have been too cold for a dress. My makeup was minimal, I chose pink shades of eye shadows, little bit of glitter, fake lashes, nude lipstick and some stars on my cheek bones. In the photos you could see the makeup I recreated for this post. 

I hope I will inspire some of you with this Halloween look. Comment what you think about my look! Also, tell me what you’re going to be on this Halloween! 






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