Autumn Activities


Autumn Activities

Blogtober #2

Hi! Happy Sunday! Today’s topic will be autumn activities! I read some other bloggers posts about it and I really wanted to share with you some of my favorites activities. And because of living in a different country, our autumn activities are little bit different!

First of all, I can’t not mention that our autumn starts really quick and unexpected, that one day everyone wears short sleeve t-shirts and the next day a scarfs and winter jackets. It’s so annoying… For example if you are planning to wear something nice and not warm, you can prepare “plan b” for a different type of weather, because you can never know what to expect. And if you’re thinking that you can simply just check the weather app, yes, you can, but it’s almost never accurate. Why I started to talk about weather? Because it’s related to the activities! You can forget about sports or games outside, because you can easily catch a cold. So, besides of living in a place with unpredictable weather, we also don’t have halloween, thanksgiving or any other autumn festivals. But we have the day of the dead, which is kinda creepy, but on the other hand really nice, because everyone can dedicate this day for memories with those who aren’t on this planet anymore.  Our country doesn’t acknowledge halloween as a real celebration, but those who have kids or just like the idea of it, celebrates it. So, making a costume or carving a pumpkin is one of my favorite activities in autumn.

Project - Djrawing 1-01

However, we have a lot of other fun activities and here is my list of some of them! Maybe it will inspire you to do something when the weather is bad. Enjoy!

1. Make a girls night! Little party testing new cosmetics or sharing gossips with some old friends, could be so much fun!

2. Look through old albums!

3. Pumpkin based recipes! I just love pumpkin pour soup. Easy to make and very delicious.

4. Buy some other nation food or just food that you’ve never tried! For example Korean candies.

5. Go online shopping! Or even better, go out and find a thrift shop.

6. Table games with your family! I’m pretty sure that a lot of us have forgotten about this thing, because we’re too into technologies nowadays.

7. Making yourself some homemade popcorn and watching horror movies while there is a storm outside!

8. Start planning Christmas gifts!

9. Do a photoshoot in the park or other nice place!

10. Go to a pet shelter and volunteer!

11. Start learning a new language!

12. Go to a library and look for some books to read!

13. Decorate your room for the Halloween or just for fun. I love to hang up some Christmas lights on a wall! It’s sooo cozy.

14. Start preparing an advent calendar for yourself or for the person you love!

15. Don’t forget to enjoy the autumn, even if the weather is terrible!

I would love to know what is your favorite autumn activities, so leave a comment down below! 


10 thoughts on “Autumn Activities

  1. great post! I love redecorating my room for the specific seasons! and it’s never to early to start planning christmas gifts that way you can break it up money wise because it can get really expensive! x

    mich /

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  2. So many great activities here!! Especially thifting. There’s no better time to thrift than in Autumn! I don’t have the funds to go out and buy all these cute fall clothes, so thrifting can be so rewarding in the sense of finding something so beautiful for cheap! Great post!

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