From ordinary to extraordinary

10polopost-10From ordinary to extraordinary

Hey! I’m back with a new post! This week was so exciting for me because my car got a new look. If you ever watched MTV, you probably know the show “pimp my ride”. I always liked to watch how people change old cars into super fancy ones, repaint their colors into matte or something different than usual. But I never thought that it will be possible to get my car repainted without any help of professionals. But guess what, in this century it is possible! My boyfriend repainted my old car and this post is just about it, so if you are interested in it, continue reading! 

A little prehistory why I decided to change the color of it!

So, my little old car’s body was all damaged and rusted. My poor car even had a nickname “kibirėlis”, which means bucket, because buckets are usually grey, rusted and beat up. Well, it wasn’t that funny for me, because I had to drive it almost everyday.

My boyfriend’s passion is cars! Everybody who knows him, know how he loves his car and how much time and care he gives to it. Now you can easily answer a question, if he would really let his girlfriend drive that shitty looking car? Of course the answer is no. So, for my birthday he bought me a paint gun and said that he will fix and repaint my car. We decided that we are going to repaint the car with Plasti dip, so it would look like a fancy one from “pimp my ride”. And then a long decision began of which color to choose. First I wanted army green, then yellow, later blue and so on… Plasti dip has thousands of amazing colors, so I was really confused of which color to pick without having an example of how it would look in the final result. Fortunately one day I randomly saw a picture of a plasti dipped car on Pinterest and I immediately knew that this color is the one. But of course the next day I changed my mind for a hundred times more, but this one called “nebula red” stayed in my mind the whole time, so I finally decided, closed my eyes and pressed the order button.polopost3-11My boyfriend is very diligent and he fixed all the rusts and body imperfections on my little “bucket”! And then came the time for painting. It was a lot of easier than I imagined and the final result was a little bit different than expected, but It looks even better! I’m getting a lot of attention and compliments on it. Maybe because the color is really outstanding and nobody is used to see old beaten up Volkswagens looking like this.  11carpost-11If you had some thoughts of plasti dipping your car, I honestly recommend you to do that. It’s a lot cheaper way to repaint your car than the traditional and it also gives a very unique look to it. You won’t regret it at all I promise! (as long as you’ll take care of it)

Please leave your opinion about my car’s new look in the comments, I’m really curious to see what you think!

P.S. not a brand deal, just a genuine review of a happy customer.


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