My summer

logo3-22My summer

Hey! So, there is no surprise, the summer is over. I’m kinda sad, because where I live sun and good weather is rare phenomenon. And those 3 summer months of hot weather and sun (actually not even 3, because half of the days are rainy) are really valued and appreciated.

So, it’s “back to school” time. Are you ready to jump into hard work? Because, I have to admit that I became really lazy and I can’t even think about my sleepless nights before deadlines and other college things… But I can’t say, that I don’t like my college and I don’t want to study anymore. I love that place, but I think that my hatred for September remained since high school, because back then I didn’t like much things I studied there, so September was the month when the summer holidays end and the hell begins.

You know, when you get back to school the first question or task is always to describe your summer holidays. I’m already graduated from high school, so I don’t have these tasks anymore, but I decided to write a small blog post, just to share few things with you about my summer.BLOLGActually during my summer I had quite a few jobs to get done. Almost half of the June I spent in collage, because we had a little project left to finish. Then I had my 20th birthday. Yes, I feel old already.

Since spring I started accepting drawing orders and this thing lasted almost through all the summer. Actually, I’ve received more orders than I expected, but I accepted as much of them as I could to keep up. I’m happy about this, because it was a good experience and I made a little cash. You can check some of my drawings here.

Speaking about my free time during the summer, I spent almost entire month in Klaipėda and Nida (it’s our port and resort cities). I was with my boyfriend, but we met some our friends there too. Couple of days we spent swimming and sunbathing on different beaches, eating delicious food, walking and exploring the city. We go to Klaipeda almost every year, because it’s such a beautiful and calm city near the baltic sea. Oh, I already miss those days..hhAlso, we went to a music festival “Granatos live”. It was probably the best festival I’ve been in. We listened to George Ezra, Rita Ora, Rudimental, Duke Dumont and some Lithuanian bands. The time flied so fast, that it looked like the three day festival lasted just one day. I can’t wait for this festival next summer!

I spent my last month of summer in country-house near the city. Actually I spend it by doing nothing special, I just enjoyed the weather and countryside’s calmness. Oh, and I started to write this blog while being there.blogsummerAnd this is how my summer went. It wasn’t something exclusive, but I enjoyed it a lot, because I was finally able to get some sleep and relax with a good view of nature. That’s it for now.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more!


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